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Matt Hager

Have We Hit the Bottom?

“Have we seen the bottom?” It’s one of the most common questions we’re getting right now about the market. Every percentage point we move away from our mid-June low makes it feel more likely that we won’t see those numbers again.

When we get this question, we like to joke that if we knew, we’d be on a beach somewhere. The truth is we just don’t know. Is this a bear market rally? Or was it the start of a new bull market? There are numerous factors at play that muddy the waters toward finding an answer.

What If We’re Not in a Recession?

We must be headed for a recession, right? It may feel that way if you’ve been watching or reading the news for the last several months. But what if we’re not in a recession? In this article we’ll look at what defines a recession and some of the factors that can play a role in tipping the scales.

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