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Interview with Mike Huckabee

Enjoy this interview with Mike Huckabee from News-talk KFAY: [mp3t track=”″] We’re looking forward to Mike Huckabee’s appearance at the upcoming NWArkansas Financial Forum. Do you have your tickets yet?

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The NWA Financial Forum with Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee has a practical, honest approach to the economy, both on a political level and on a private level. Listen to Mike’s words of wisdom. Now get ready to hear many more words of wisdom from the former Arkansas governor and current Fox News celebrity! March 6, 2014, Mach 1 Financial Group will be hosting the Northwest Arkansas Financial Forum. Get your tickets now!

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Avoid Phantom Income

Financial planning is much more than just figuring out how much to save for retirement. One goal of financial planning is to match your personal goals with your finances so money doesn’t hold you back from achieving your dreams, be it owning your own business, retiring early, or traveling the world. The process of financial planning often looks for places where you can help prevent yourself from losing money and phantom income is one of those places. What is Phantom Income? Phantom income, also known as phantom revenue, essentially has to do with taxes and how your assets are viewed

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