Forgotten 401K’s by Mike Frost

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Written by Mike Frost, Financial Advisor

Have you changed jobs during your career? Have you left a 401k at the previous employer? Are you wondering what has become of your 401k (has it turned into a 201K)?

Northwest Arkansas provides many opportunities for individuals to make changes in employers.  This is often accompanied with a trail of left behind 401K’s.  If this sounds like you, please check out some simple steps that will allow you to:

  • Determine what you have and where
  • How to centralize accounts into one location
  • Choose from a multitude of investment options
  • Speak with a professional to assist you with investment decisions
  • Gain easy access to your accounts going forward

What you have and where:  Contact your former employers 401K plan administrator ask for the most recent statement on your account.  Be prepared to provide your social security number, employee number (if you were issued one while an employee), date of hire, date of termination of employment, etc. They need to verify it is you wanting the account information.  Ask for the statements to be sent to your either by email or regular mail.

How to centralize accounts into one location:  Contact MACH 1 Financial Group at 479.876.2100 or visit the website to set an appointment with a professional financial advisor.   MACH 1 will handle all the logistics, paperwork, etc. of setting up new accounts, rollovers, etc.

Choose from a multitude of investment options:  Most 401k plans offer a limited amount of investment options.  Once you 401k has been rolled over into a qualified IRA, you will have a multitude of investment options at your fingertips.

Speak with a professional to assist you with investment decisions:  MACH 1 has 4 Professional Financial Advisors on staff to assist you in making investment decisions that meet your specific needs/goals.

Gain easy access to your accounts going forward:  Going forward you will have up to minute access to your accounts electronically.  You will also be invited to review these accounts in person quarterly to ensure the accounts are performing as expected and progress towards your specific goals are on track.

If you’d like to learn more or schedule an appointment with one of our advisors, call us at 479-876-2100 or email us at


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